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If the veggies in Robbins Farm Garden compared notes to see who had gone through the biggest changes over the course of their history, the winners would definitely be the carrots.

When carrots got their start over 4,000 years ago, they were just scrawny little roots. Since then, most have plumped up quite a bit. Pleasingly, many carrot eaters would say.

Long ago carrots were also stringy, not crisp and crunchy as they are today.

And, boy, were they ever bitter. Today most are sweet, with perhaps just a bit of a bite.

Finally — and this will blow your mind — back in ancient times carrots were not even orange! In fact, for most of the carrot family's long, long history, they have been almost any color but orange.

Carrots got their fabulous color only about 400 years ago. That's a tiny fraction — only 1/10th — of the time the carrot clan has been around. That's a story in itself, one we're happy to tell you.